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The Dialog Element in HTML

The Dialog element is a new HTML element to create dialogs such as pop-ups, modals, and more. Though this is no new feature for the Javascript users who could have done this with a simple UI library

Dialog boxes have been used by almost all websites for showing confirmation messages, error messages, alerts, and many more; the native support for these features in the browser is really exciting.

The Dialog element is a new HTML5 element to create dialogs such as pop-ups, modals, alerts, and more. This may be no new feature for the Javascript users who could have done this with a simple UI library. But keep in mind that it comes out of the box with Browser native support i.e. no hassle for extra add-ons.

Though the <dialog> element was introduced a long ago, it was not fully supported by major browsers such as Chrome. Recently, In May 2023 Google announced support for the HTML5 dialog element in Chrome-97 including all web platforms. This is a good sign for developers that the browser support is rising for this portent feature.

The HTML5 dialog element provides the following built-in features. They are:

  • Focus management for dialog
  • Tab tracking
  • Keeping stacking context


We can define the Dialog element on our HTML simply using the dialog keyword. Here is a sample code for defining a dialog element.

<dialog id="mydialog">
  <form method="dialog">
    <p>Hi, This is a dialog box</p>

Once we have defined our dialog element now we can simply trigger the dialog by referencing the dialog element ID and using the showModal method provided by the dialog element.

<button onclick="mydialog.showModal()">Open Dialog Box</button>

We can also close the dialog using the close method of the dialog element.

<button onclick="mydialog.close()">Close</button>

We can also define a dialog that opens by default when a page loads using the open attribute of the dialog element.

<dialog open>
  <p>Welcome, User!</p>
  <form method="dialog">

The information about different browser support can be found here.

The Dialog element - HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN

Also, you can try the JSFiddle here.

HTML dialog element - JSFiddle - Code Playground

If you are excited about developing a color-adaptive, responsive, and accessible mini and mega modals with the <dialog> element. Check out this blog - Building a dialog component.